[Owls have distinctive calls.] [Which do you recognize?] [Barn Owl] [Barn owl call] [Photo of a barn owl in flight.] [Eastern Screech Owl] [Eastern screech owl call] [Photo of an eastern screech owl in a tree, very well camouflaged.] [Western Screech Owl] [Western screech owl call] [Photo of a western screech owl in the hollow of a tree.] [Barred Owl] [Barred owl call] [Photo of a barred owl perched on a branch.] [Which one is your favorite?] [Various owl calls] [Discover more at AllAboutBirds.org]

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Most owls are nocturnal, and they use their voices to establish territories and attract mates in the dark. Several species begin nesting as early as midwinter, which is one reason why you can often hear them in fall and winter, when most other birds are quiet. Listen to the calls of the Barn Owl, Eastern Screech-Owl, Western Screech-Owl, and Barred Owl while focusing on detailed photo portraits, then practice to see if you can identify each distinctive call.

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