Bird ID
Learn How to Identify Bird Songs
video 1:48
Bird IDSongs + Calls
Learn to Identify the Distinctive Calls of Owls
video 1:40
BehaviorSongs + Calls
Peek at Night Birds While Hearing Their Nocturnal Calls
video 1:06
Songs + Calls
Bird Song Hero: The Song Learning Game for Everyone
Interactive Feature
Songs + Calls
Bird Song Hero Tutorial
Interactive Feature
Songs + Calls
Bird Song Hero Challenge
Interactive Feature
Songs + Calls
Bird Song Hero Ultimate
Interactive Feature
Grey Catbird singing
BehaviorSongs + Calls
An Expert Mimic: The Gray Catbird
video 4:48
Long-tailed Duck swimming
Songs + Calls
Loud and Goofy: Long-tailed Duck Territorial Calls
video 2:08
A Willow Ptarmigan calling
Songs + Calls
Comic Relief: Willow Ptarmigan Territorial Calls
video 2:13
Decoding the language of birds
BehaviorSongs + Calls
The Language of Birds
video 9:42
King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise sings
Songs + Calls
King-of-Saxony: Otherworldly Calls
video 3:52
The elongated windpipe of a Curl-crested Manucode
AnatomySongs + Calls
Curl-crested Manucode: Unusual Anatomy
video 3:19
EvolutionSongs + Calls
Sound: and the Birds-of-Paradise
video 6:09
Semipalmated Sandpiper calls while hovering overhead
Songs + Calls
Voices of the Arctic Spring: Semipalmated Sandpiper
video 2:26
American Bittern calling
Songs + Calls
Territorial Call of the American Bittern
video 2:00
Common Nighthawk dives creating a buzzing sound with its feathers
BehaviorSongs + Calls
Zoom!: The Aerial Display of the Common Nighthawk
video 2:41
Yellow-billed Loon tucks its leg under a wing in cold water
How Yellow-billed Loons Survive in the Arctic