Bird IDSongs + Calls
Learn to Identify the Distinctive Calls of Owls
video 1:40
Songs + Calls
Caw vs. Croak: Inside the Calls of Crows and Ravens
video 2:58
On a Sage-Grouse Lek
Interactive Feature
Songs + Calls
All About Bird Song
Interactive Feature
Songs + Calls
Practice, Perfect
Interactive Feature
Sharp-tailed Grouse battle on a lek
Real Angry Birds: Sharp-tailed Grouse Battle
video 1:55
Long-tailed Duck swimming
Songs + Calls
Loud and Goofy: Long-tailed Duck Territorial Calls
video 2:08
A Willow Ptarmigan calling
Songs + Calls
Comic Relief: Willow Ptarmigan Territorial Calls
video 2:13
American Bittern calling
Songs + Calls
Territorial Call of the American Bittern