[Bird calls] [A yellow-chevroned parakeet is perched in a tree while eating fruit. It stands on one foot, while holding the fruit up with the other foot. It drops the fruit, then wipes its beak on a branch. It grabs a leaf with its beak, then climbs up to another branch that has fruit on it. It picks another piece of fruit, holds it with one foot, and eats it.] [Explore MacaulayLibrary.org]

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Yellow-chevroned Parakeets such as this one feed primarily on fruits and seeds. After selecting the ripest fruit, parakeets use their feet to perch on one foot while using the other to clean the fruit from the pit. Once finished, the birds often use branches to wipe excess food off their bills.

This video accompanies Chapter 8, Avian Food and Foraging, Handbook of Bird Biology, 3rd Edition, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Wiley Publishing.

Recorded by Tom Johnson, Macaulay Library