• Jean
      Chirps: 5
      9D3599EE-D74D-4817-BD92-1E742907BCA4I decided to continue with my Franklinia. I had real trouble with the water drops on white flowers and and shading the flowers and leaves. I learned that I need a lot of time. I forgot to take a ruler with me to show scale.
    • I went to a local wetland park, Corktown Common. I walked around the wetland and found a brown rabbit eating grass in the sunshine. I managed a quick sketch of the bunny before they were scared by skateboarders.  I continued to the wetland area and did a comparison of three plants which all had seeds that blow away. The Common Milkweed, A Bulrush and Sweet Joe-Pye. As it is fall, the seeds were blowing, the leaves were no longer bright green and the signs of decay were all around. I really enjoyed doing this and was surprised by how many people stopped and asked questions of me about my drawing and the park. IMG_20191012_174405
    • Mary-Louise
      Chirps: 8
      This one was hard.  I went into my back yard and had a hard time finding something to compare.  A lot of the plants are fading and going to seed.  I chose two small wild flowers.  The were very similar and I think that is what made  it.  I was frustrated toward the end. \challenging.  IMG_1634